Debugging involves knowledge of thermodynamics

Error in mode.ent[i] = mtab[ix, “entropy”] : replacement has length zero
Calls: batch_exec_ABSOLUTE -> CreateReviewObject

In addition: Warning message:
In dir.create(indv.results.dir, recursive = TRUE) :
‘ABSOLUTE_results/Thyroid_patient2’ already exists
recover called non-interactively; frames dumped, use debugger() to view

What does entropy have to do with my data???

How long did it take to put up this site?

Well, I am glad you asked.  I was able to put up this site in less time than it took me to figure out that RStudio could not stepthrough debug a command line call.

Did I mention that argparse is built-in to Python?

Thanks to an excellent hosting company 

Please do not respond with “use browser()”.   Also, I am talking about having a fixed command line configuration, which is supported by all the major IDEs for other languages.

Apologies for lack of citation.  It was buried deep in google pages.


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